Silage 2024

The Association of Farm & Forestry Contractors in Ireland (FCI) recently released its charges guide for 2024.

The body is “satisfied” that this averaged price guide continues to provide “fair and reasonable” guidance for farm and forestry contractors and their clients.

The actual expenses may vary significantly due to factors such as regional disparities, soil types, distance traveled, contract sizes, equipment used, and the scale of work undertaken.

This 2024 charges guide reflects what the association has described as “some modest” increases in some charges up to 4%, while others are “virtually unchanged”.

Silage 2024 costs 

It has provided the following guide charge rates for mowing, baling, wrapping, stacking, and transporting silage bales.

  • Bale, wrap, stack and move (inc. plastic 4 layers, extra layers additional cost) *For NRF, add €1/bale* – €20-22/bale (excluding VAT @ 23%) or €22-€25/bale (including VAT @ 23%)
  • Bale, wrap, stack and move (excl. plastic) – €14-€15/bale (excluding VAT @ 23%) and €16-€17 (including VAT @ 23%)
  • Bale and wrap (inc. plastic 4 layers, extra layers additional cost) *For NRF, add €1/bale* – €14.50-€15.50 (excluding VAT @ 23%) and €16.50-€17.50/bale (including VAT @ 23%).
  • Bale and wrap including combinations (excl. plastic) – €10-€12/bale (excluding VAT) and €11.30-€13.50/bale (including VAT);
  • Baling silage (4 x 4) – €7.50-€8.00/bale (excluding VAT) and €8.50-€9.00/bale (including VAT at 13.5%);
  • Wrap (4×4) (excl. plastic) – €3.50-€4.00/bale (excluding VAT) and €4.00-€4.50 (including VAT);
  • Bale stacking – €75-€80/hr (excluding VAT) or €85-€90/hr (including VAT);
  • Bale transport – €75/hour or €5/bale (including VAT) or €85/hr or €5.50/bale (excluding VAT);
  • Large square bales of silage (6x4x3) – €16-€17/bale (excluding VAT) and €18-€19/bale (including VAT);
  • Large 5x3x2 silage bales wrapped – €11-€12/bale (excluding VAT) and €12.50-€13.50/bale (including VAT).

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