Farmers purchasing feed for their livestock are well aware of the costs associated cost with their feed bill over the past 12 months.

Meal costs have returned to a more reasonable level towards the end of last year and have seen a slight reduction in Q1 2024 as well.

Given the need to keep in cattle longer this year due to adverse weather conditions, many farmers are questioning whether this has impacted demand.

In 2022, meal was priced at €440/t, but cereal prices have since decreased. As a result, meal prices are now ranging between €340/t and €380/t. HerdFinder contacted a number of livestock feed mills to ask for quotes, and these are the prices provided.

Dairy and Beef Ration Prices 

Prices for 14% dairy nuts (bulk, delivered) are ranging between €350/t to €370/t.

Dairy nuts with 15% crude protein are ranging between €350/t and €380/t

In terms of beef ration, a 15% beef mix is, on average, costing farmers €350/t

Farmers are paying between €350/t and €380/t for beef finisher nuts and weanling nuts

Finishing ration can now be purchased for as low as €340/t in some parts of the country, compared with over €400/t this time last year.

It’s important to note that prices may vary between suppliers, and this overview does not delve into specific ingredients. Some farmers might find stores at cheaper rates than outlined here, while others may find rations priced higher than €350/t in their respective regions.

Farmers should carefully examine ingredients and select a feed that aligns with their own farming system. Choosing the appropriate ration can significantly contribute to minimizing overall feed costs.

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