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Organic Mart Prices – GVM Killmallock Mart 

GVM Group’s Kilmallock Mart in Co. Limerick recently hosted its organic cattle sale last Saturday, where a total of 79 lots and 151 organic cattle were sold, achieving an impressive 98% clearance rate.

Bullocks, particularly those with lighter weights, were in high demand, reflecting the consensus that the average price for good quality organic bullocks is currently ranging  between €3.50/kg – €4.00/kg.

Here’s a breakdown of the organic bullock prices at the sale:

1x – 560 kg CMX made €2,000 (€3.57/kg)

4x – 465 kg LMX made €1,840 (€3.81/kg)

2x – 448 kg AAX made €1,590 (€3.54/kg)

2x – 413 kg LMX made €1,560 (€3.77/kg)

3x – 425 kg LMX made €1,450 (€3.41/kg)

2x – 408 kg AAX made €1,430 (€3.50/kg)

2x – 383 kg HEX made €1,360 (€3.55/kg)

3x – 325 kg AAX made €1,310 (€4.03/kg)

7x – 304 kg AUX made €1,100 (€3.61/kg)

1x – 345 kg CHX made €1,300 (€3.76/kg)

4x – 255 kg LMX made €1,190 (€4.66/kg)

Factories and their agents were actively present both ringside and online, eager to secure any quality cattle available.

In terms of organic beef factory prices, Goodherdsmen continues to offer solid prices, quoting upwards of €6/kg for R grade organic bullocks.

For more detailed factory price reports from Goodherdsmen, you can follow this link: GoodHerdsmen Organic Factory Report 


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