Organic Mart Price

Organic Mart Prices 

GVM Group’s Kilmallock Mart in Co. Limerick recently hosted its organic cattle sale, with a clearance of over 135 organic cattle

Bullocks were in strong demand, especially those weighing between 400kg and 500kg, fetching an average price of €3.14/kg or €1,573 per head across AAX, LMX, and CHX breeds. Three U-Grade LMX bullocks, with an average weight of 405kg, achieved one of the top prices at €3.60/kg or €1,460 per head.

Factories and their agents had an active presence both ringside and online, snapping up any cattle suitable for slaughter.


However, prices for organic heifers were largely disappointing, falling short of the average prices paid for conventionally reared cattle in recent weeks, as highlighted in our earlier conventional mart report.

Organic Heifer
Weanling bulls and heifers fared well, with weanling bulls averaging between €2.90/kg and €3.40/kg across all weights. Prices reached as high as €4.10/kg for CHX U-grade bulls weighing 230kg.

Organic Weanling Bulls
Weanling heifer prices held steady, averaging between €2.60/kg and €3.00/kg. Three R-grade LMX heifers achieved the top prices at €3.60/kg.

Weanling Heifers
While there is an organic premium across some weights and sexes, more needs to be done to improve the organic mart trade, ensuring organic farmers receive consistent premium prices.

Only a small handful of organic suckler cows were for sale, with LMX and AAX sucklers prices ranging between €2.20 and €2.40/kg

Fergal Byrne, the association’s organics chairperson, emphasized that any organic prices below that of conventional are ‘completely unsustainable,’ especially considering the higher farm costs associated with rearing organic cattle

The ICSA organics chairperson added: “There is absolutely no incentive for farmers to go to the extra expense of producing organically when those producing conventionally are getting paid more.”

However, organic beef factory prices continue to maintain a base premium of 13% to 15% over average conventional rates at the factory level, based on our analysis of Good Herdsmen’s pricing template for July to December 2023, aligning with our previous organic mart price report. 

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