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In many parts of the country, ground conditions persistently remain wet and poor; however, there is optimism as the forecast is expected to improve as we approach April.

With silage season just around the corner, farmers are preparing to cut silage in late May and will be looking to spread fertilizer over the next few weeks if they haven’t already done so. 

Given this anticipation, many are wondering: ‘What are fertilizer prices like this spring?'”

HerdFinder contacted a number of agri feed stores across the country to find out what they are charging for a range of popular fertilisers and compounds.

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Over the last 12 months fertiliser prices for a tonne of CAN, Urea, 10-10-20 and 18-6-12 are down between €400-€500.

For Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN), the average price per tonne is €390/t, down €10/t from last month.

Protected urea is trading at an average of €504/t, down €5/t since February.

Looking at compound fertilisers, 10-10-20 is trading at an average price of €561/t (unchanged), while the average price per tonne for 18-6-12 at the moment is €509/t, down €3/t.

The fundamentals of the market suggest that prices are very firm, with potential to rise further. The situation in the Red Sea currently is having a big impact on shipping lines, driving up freight rates. As a result, ammonia and some other fertilisers are being sent via different routes to Europe.

Although, the price of gas (the main raw material for nitrogen fertilisers) has reduced in recent months.

It looks like prices are set for the spring. So, it’s probably time to be now considering getting the first round or two of fertiliser out there…….

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