Fertiliser Prices

Fertiliser prices have remained steady so far this summer, but prices in Ireland have fallen by 45 percent over the past year, easing cost pressures on farmers.

Although many farmers have already completed their first cuts, the second cut is still a few weeks away. Farmers may be wondering what the current prices of fertilizer are now

HerdFinder contacted a number of fertiliser merchants across the country to get an idea of what the price some of the most commonly used types of chemical fertilisers will be costing farmers.

There appears to be a considerable price variation for each type of fertiliser but some of the agri-stores quoting the higher rates admitted there there is scope for a discount on price for bulk buyers and regular customers.

Fertiliser Prices:

The calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) prices quoted to HerdFinder varied from €360-400/t

Protected urea prices ranged from €490-520/t, while straight urea prices varied from €450-480/t.

Prices for 18:6:12 varied from €485-€525/t

Prices for 10:10:20 varied from €545-€565/t

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