Feed Prices

Cattle Feed Prices 

Farmers are still facing a significant increase in feed costs despite a 6% fall in the average feed prices across both beef and dairy year-on-year.

Despite this 6% fall year-on-year, the average cattle feed price is still 37% above January 2021 levels.

This is based on our analysis of the latest feed price figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

The CSO monitor tracks prices paid by farmers for purchases of goods and services.

Average Cattle Feed Prices: Jan-21 to Aug-23 (€/t)

Feed Prices


Irish feed prices €/tonne quoted above is an average base price of calf nuts (16-18% protein), beef fattening nuts (13-15% protein), beef fattening ration (13-15% protein), dairy nuts (16-18% protein) and dairy ration (16-18% protein) based on the latest figures released by the CSO.

Average Beef and Dairy Feed Prices: Jan-22 to Aug-23

Feed Prices

For beef fattening nuts (13-15% protein), the average price per tonne is €411/t, with a variation of €117/t.

Beef fattening meal (13-15% protein) is trading slightly lower at an average of €398/t, a difference of €109/t.

Looking at dairy feed, dairy nuts is trading at an average price of €425/t, while dairy meal price average is €398/t, with variations of €118/t and €109/t, respectively.

Calf nuts and meal is trading at an average of €446/t, a difference of €112/t compared to 2021 prices.

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