Feed Prices

Feed prices for nuts and ration have continued to soften in the last few months following a sharp decrease in Irish cereal prices.

Animal feed mills were slow to pass price reductions in feed back to farmers but are now finally being felt at farm level.

HerdFinder contacted a number of feed mills across the country to find out what they are charging for cattle feeds, outlined in the table below.

Feed Prices for September

For beef fattening nuts (13-15% protein), the average price per tonne is €392/t.

Beef fattening meal (13-15% protein) is trading slightly lower at an average of €377/t.

Looking at dairy feed, dairy nuts is trading at an average price of €402/t, while dairy meal is €376/t.

Calf nuts and meal is trading at an average of €432/t.

Irish feed prices remain 40% on average higher than they were in second half of 2021.

As the feed market moves into the Q4 of 2023, a further reduction in international feed wheat and barley prices is expected.

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