It’s been a lacklustre week for marts across the country with most categories of stock coming in under pressure.

Mart numbers have fallen significantly over the last number of weeks.

The best quality of stock have been sold at this stage and buying has largely finished for farmers with sheds now full heading into the Christmas period.

Bullock Prices


In the bullock category, top end heavy bullocks came over 600kg came in at €2.71/kg, remaining largely unchanged.

Heifer Prices



Average quality heifers in the same weight bracket were back this week coming in it came in at €2.40-50/kg, with poorer quality dairy crosses moving around the €2/kg.

Weanling Bull Prices


In the weanling rings, average quality bull weanlings were also down coming in at €2.70-/kg.

Weanling Heifer Prices


The weanling heifer trade also suffered with 300kg – 400kg weights coming in at €2.65/kg

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