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Weekly Mart Prices 

Mart prices continued to rise across all cattle types this week led by a strong demand from exporters, factory agents and farmers from across the country both online and around the ring. Despite a weather driven surge in cattle volumes, beef prices remain resilient and whilst supplies are tight there is further capacity for price increases before the end of the year based on reports.

Mart prices are well ahead compared to this time last year across all cattle types, with several notable breeds such as Angus, Hereford, Charolais and Limousin‘s all fetching €15c/kg – €25c/kg more per kg compared to 2022 prices thus marking an extremely positive end to September. Bullocks (Steers) prices averaged €2.55/kg, Heifers €2.42/kg, PB Bulls & Suckler cows €4.10/kg, Dry Cows €2.09/kg, Weanling Bulls €2.83/kg, Weanling Heifers €2.59/kg and Calves €2.55/kg.

PB Bulls & Suckler Cows
Dry Cow 
Weanling Bulls 
Weanling Heifers 
AA (€/kg)
BB (€/kg)
CH (€/kg)
FR (€/kg)
HE (€/kg)
LM (€/kg)
SIM (€/kg)


Source: Marts Ireland 

*Please note that these prices are an average of prices quoted directly to us by over 50 marts across the country and may differ to local prices depending on your specific location

Weekly Factory Prices 

Beef factory prices fell across the country this week as several beef processors such as Kepak and Moyvalley Meats reduced their prices by as much as €10c/kg across bullocks and heifers but many are facing strong resistance in doing so.  Average Bullock (Steers) prices are down -€4c/kg (-0.9%) to €4.64/kg, average Heifer prices fell by -€4c/kg (+0.4%) to €4.74/kg and Dry and Suckler Cows remained flat for the week at €4.13/kg.

Bullocks (Steers)
Price (€/Kg)
Week-on-week (Increase/Decrease)
Weekly % Change

*Please note prices shown are final prices paid inclusive of VAT @5.4%

Sources: ABP, Dawn Meats, Kepak, Moyvalley Meats, Eurofarm Foods, Liffey Meats, Slaney Foods, Foyle Meats, Ashbourne Meats  and Meadowmeats

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