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Conventional Beef Factory Prices

Factory prices for finished cattle have fallen for the second consecutive week. Major beef processors like ABP, Dawn and Kepak have all reduced their prices by a further 10c/kg across the board this week.

The Irish Composite Beef Price now lags 31c/kg behind the export benchmark price.

While the majority of cattle are currently coming directly off grass, these falling prices will be most severely felt by farmers who have incurred higher finishing costs.

Average Beef Factory Prices 

Beef Factory Prices

Prices in Ireland’s key export markets continue to strengthen, creating favourable conditions for Irish beef. Beef Factories need to move forward with stronger beef prices that reflect current market conditions.

There are indications of tighter grass cattle supplies in the coming weeks due to poor weather conditions and demand is expected to increase from buyers for finished cattle as the year progresses.

Farmers should try and resist lower price offers from factories to buy cattle and consider selling their livestock either through the mart or by advertising them online.

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